People talk about it especially in summer. Contests and festivals are organized in its honor. It is loved by both; children and adults. It is called a winter fairy tale, milk joy, frozen happiness, because even one ice cream is enough for one’s happiness. Ice cream has an ancient history. The history has not preserved the name of the inventor, but we do know that in 3000 BC wealthy Chinese used frozen fruit juice as a desert. It is known that ancient Romans used snow and ice to make fruit juices. Italian contributed a lot to introduction and spreading of frozen desserts around the world. The advantage of ice cream is that it can be made at home, decorated by various fruits, nuts and chocolate. In children’s cafes the ice cream always has its unique place on the menu.

Armsweet LLC introduces you large selection of vanilla, chocolate and fruit ice creams, in summary we have over 25 brands. Our product is made of natural material, namely natural milk, cream and various fruit additives. Armsweet LLC follows European traditions; in our production we mainly use contemporary European technologies.

Perhaps it is difficult to imagine summer without ice cream; therefore our experienced confectioners work hard to create tasty and high quality products, so that your day is more joyful and pleasant.