It is no secret that most of us are fond of sweets, especially cookies. Even elder people do not refuse themselves indulging a cookie with a cup of tea, since it takes them back to the wonderful world of their childhood. According to historians’ assumptions the birthplace of the supposed cookie is South-Western Asia. Cookie became a best product for travelers due to the fact that it does not expire for a long period of time. For many centuries the cookie was an irreplaceable product for ships that were going for a long sail. The first selection of cookies was not as large as it is today. People used various types of flour acceptable for their region to make cookies. For example, in Europe cookies were made with wheat flour, but in East rice flour was used. Later people discovered corn, oat and other types of flour. Cookies can be differentiated by their dough content, shape, color, filling, glazing, and so on. Without exception, every single person loves cookies. After all it takes us back to childhood. Armsweet LLC is happy to introduce its large selection of cookies which vary from each other by their shape, content, taste qualities and the way they are manufactured. Despite the large selection there is a definite classification;




There are also subtypes of cookies such as biscuits, crisp, fruit and etc.